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Via Provinciale, 16
10010 BAIRO (Torino)

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Position in the supply chain:

Forming of thermoplastics products, Bumpers, Seats and parts, Equipment / molds, Cad/cam/cae design


Expanded polypropylene absorbers for front and rear bumpers, Shock absorber in expanded polypropylene for inner part of car (inner door panel, under carpet, prot, Tool boxes, cargo box for fix&go in expanded polypropylene for car boot, Special containers in Expanded Polypropylene and Polystyrene foam for containment and logistics hand, Aluminium mold construction for internal production


Teubert's moulding machines for PPE, Alessio's molding machines for moldind EPP/EPS, HAAS CNC machines for mold construction

Company activity:

Since more than 25 years ILTAR-Italbox SPA (the first in Italy) has been producing ARTICLES MOLDED IN EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE largely destined to the automotive sector (internal bumper absorbers, shock absorbers for door, tool boxes, elements of the car boot, SPECIAL CONTAINERS for transport of engines, gearboxes, air bags, mirrors and for the logistics of components in general). The Company has been operating for 54 years in the industrial packaging market, with the production of packaging (the first time in wood and now in polystyrene and expanded polypropylene) mainly for the automotive industry for the handling of components from suppliers Tier1 to the assembly lines of the OEM. Since nearly 15 years the ILTAR-Italbox designs and builds internally aluminum molds required for in-house productions. Direct Provider for: Fiat Group Automobiles, Fabbrica Italia Pomigliano, Fiat Auto Poland, Fiat Auto Serbia, Iveco Italy, Iveco Spain. Supplier of the main Tier1 (Italy and Europe).

Main export markets:

Europe, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain

Main customers:

Fiat Group Automobiles, Fiat Auto Poland, Fiat Auto Serbia, Sevel Atessa, Sata Melfi, Iveco Italia, Iveco Spagna, Industrie Maserati, Officine Maserati Grugliasco, Cecomp, Industrie Pininfarina, Jhonson Controls, Lear, Autoneum, Adler Pelzer, Roi Automotive, Proseat, Denso, Gruppo Prima Automotive, Sole spa, Automotive Lighting, PC&MA, Villanova Group, Industrie Metallvacuum Ranger, Toscana Gomma, TRW, Gruppo Proma, Sapa Group, Gestind, Tutte le vetture del Gruppo Fiat, prodotte in Italia e in Europa dagli stabilimenti Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Maserati e Iveco


ISO TS 16949, ISO 9000 / 2002

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13,00 €

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For information:

Patrizia Paglia - 00390124501055

Contact languages:

English , French, German, Spanish

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